Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Life Saved

            Just when you despair, God comes through again.
            Yesterday was the latest outreach I’ve done with Created Equal. It’s always hardest to do it on my own campus with people I know. I still have people that won’t talk to me from seeing me at the spring outreach.
            I am not naturally outgoing; I’ve forced myself over time to be. Add that to speaking about a hot-button issue using graphic images, and it’s a pressure cooker.
            I enjoy (perhaps based on the nature of the work “enjoy” is not the most appropriate word) doing outreaches with this organization, but every time I go out I have to build up confidence to share my beliefs with others. It’s just that more difficult when I’m constantly seeing people I know. That’s not to say these feelings are right, but that’s the reality of it.
            I was getting dirty looks before I even made it to outreach simply because I was wearing the shirt. As I stood around the display, people I knew shook their heads at me, or gave a disappointed look and went on. A few shared their disdain and ran off before I could say anything. A few others actually talked.
            I had friends who are admittedly pro-choice share their disgust with the images of victims. Why if abortion is permissible are the pictures of “murdered children” so grotesque shall be a question I’ll likely never have answered.
            I can accept it, but it’s unfortunate that people are intolerant enough to ignore you because you aren’t as “tolerant” as them.
            I’m not trying to gain your pity, just trying to show that even the monster “abortion people” are human too. Anyway, it’s about to get good.
            As I went back to a slightly more normal activity, eating, I thought about this situation. I honestly didn’t want any human contact because I had lost yet more faith in humanity. It didn’t make sense (it never does, but it hit me harder). I wondered, if I was that worried about others’ thoughts about me, I’m not sure I’m cut out for pro-life work.
            This sentiment followed me back to my dorm room. I had (and still have) homework to do, but I just felt like sleeping. I turned on my tablet and went to read a couple chapters in the Bible. When I came back and looked at my tablet, I had innumerable notifications. One was a message from a friend which seemed like it had something to do with pro-life work. I saved it until last.
            It turned out that it had been sent that morning, while I was in my first class. It read:

“Joe! this girl i know posted a thing on facebook about her considering an abortion! i'm talking to her about it! you should just send her a message or something and tell her about it! you know way more about it and how to tell people why not too than i do!”

            This is like every pro-life worker’s dream. I had made sure to get up in the morning and spend time in prayer for the day, but I didn’t think this would happen. My friend included a link to her Facebook, so I went to it and thoughtfully wrote out a message to her:

“Hey! I'm a friend of [my friend], and he contacted me because he was concerned about you, because you said you were considering abortion. I work in the pro-life movement, and I've met women that have had abortions. There are very few that don't regret their abortions. It can leave a woman with guilt and sometimes physical complications. I could tell multiple stories about women who have died having an abortion. I don't stand in judgment of you at all, and I know what you're going through is difficult. But the fact that you are pregnant makes you a mother already. Abortion takes your child's life- a child who will grow up to be a young adult just like you. And it will likely leave you with emotional scars. There is a better way than abortion. If you keep your child, I can give you the information for a local pregnancy center that will provide free ultrasounds and supplies. If you choose adoption, there are many willing couples that would love to raise him or her. But I plead with you, do not choose abortion. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact [my friend] or me.”

            I had no idea what to expect, what my friend had already said, or if I would ever hear back. But I just sat there in some deep prayer. I told God that I could pray for His will to be done, but His will is clearly stated that “children are an heritage from the Lord” and that He would not have them to die at the hands of an abortionist. This seems almost as if I am wagging my finger at God, but this sort of boldness in prayer is spoken of in Hebrews 4. I asked the group of Justice Riders that I’ve met through Created Equal for their prayer as well.
            I proceeded with what I needed to do, posting pictures of outreach and other various business. I believe I was messing around on an app (now explaining why I still have homework to do) when the young woman messaged me back:

“Im keeping my baby girl”

A simple sentence, but one that made the entire day worth it. We continued for a short dialogue:

Me: Awesome, I am so glad to hear that! Let me know if you need any help, there's a pregnancy center just down US 27 from NKU.
Her: ok thank you and can u tell [my friend] thank you for helping me on so many things please
Me: For sure! God bless
Her: thank you so much you and [my friend] ! just thank you
Me: Absolutely. I'm glad I was able to contact you.
Her: haha yea

            I don’t know how much affect I had on her decision. I believe my friend had more, and she may well have made the decision before I ever spoke to her. Bottom line, God deserves all the glory. He brought her to my friend, and into contact with me. He got me involved with an organization that has trained me in the pro-life position. And here it has culminated into a life saved. And He brought it in a moment of discouragement on this very subject.
            I stood up and just praised God for awhile.
            I realized again why I love doing this, despite the opposition faced. Why it is all worth it, why I’ve been doing this for the past seven months, and why I want to continue is because of things like this. Why it is so important. Why I know we’re on the winning side.

            A crisis pregnancy led to the saving of my soul, though I know I don’t deserve it. Satan throws difficulty in the way, tries to turn me from the path by showing me my past. I look to his future. Mine, by the grace of God, is better than his. I’ve seen yet one more time that God’s work on Earth is far from over, and His work with me isn’t either.