Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Abortion: The Enabler of Pornography and Sex Trafficking

            A while back, a group by the name of “Stop Patriarchy” (hard to believe, but they’re feminists) put on a pro-choice “freedom ride” to contrast Created Equals’ "Justice Ride". A further look at the stances this group takes reveals something worth noting.
            Stop Patriarchy, naturally, is a supporter of abortion. However, they are against sex trafficking and pornography. This is not a criticism of only Stop Patriarchy but the entire feminist and liberal philosophy behind it. How are these three issues related?
            Stop Patriarchy is against sex trafficking and pornography because, and they are correct, the acts victimize women. I would never argue with that, and they are right on these points. But somehow, while Stop Patriarchy believes that sex trafficking and pornography victimize women, they hold the belief that abortion not only does not victimize women, but empowers them.
            I’m not sure if this is legitimate ignorance or if it’s bred out of the liberal idol-worship of abortion.
            Truly sex trafficking victimizes women, as thousands in the U.S. and around the world are moved against their will to be pimped out. Sex slavery deserves to be combated because of everything it stands for: using women for men to benefit and treating women as less than human.
            Pornography is close to the same thing. Look up how women are treated in the industry and what poor health porn stars are left with. Here, too, women are used until they are no longer fit to be used, then cast away. Try watching porn (actually, don’t) and think of the women as people that have value. If you think that, you can’t view it.
            Then take abortion. It victimizes women by using them for the financial and power of male politicians and abortionists. It treats their children as something less than human. What Stop Patriarchy and the Left either don’t see or refuse to recognize is that abortion not only uses women, but enables these other issues to take place.
            Who benefits from abortion? “Women, so they can choose what to do with their bodies.” No, my misled friend. The benefit is to an at large group of people with seared consciences- who know exactly what abortion is but simply don’t care, and who are a majority men.
            One such group is abortion “doctors” (“doctors” in quotes because true doctors follow the Hippocratic Oath). This group, again the majority men, makes as much or more as doctors who actually do good. Costs of abortions run well into the thousands, much of which is pocketed by these killers. If you see a luxury vehicle at an abortion facility, it likely belongs to one of these individuals- not their often poor clients. They also wield a tremendous amount of power. Many abortion facilities will push legislatures and zoning boards to change laws to allow them greater leeway while pushing out those who disagree. As many clients suffer, these abortionists and clinic owners sit pretty.
            The other group is politicians. How can politicians possibly benefit from supporting abortion? Contrary to their divers rhetoric, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Abortion advocacy groups contribute over a million dollars to, imagine, Democrats and liberal PACs every election year. Well over five million was contributed in the 2012 election. “Are you saying that liberal politicians supporting killing just because it gets them donations?” Now you’ve got it. The politicians push pro-abortion bills for the abortion clinics, making bank for the clinics, who then put some of the money back to keep those who help them in power, and the cycle continues as 2900 preborn are dismembered in the womb every day.
            But what about women? Besides robbing women of their motherhood, there are a number of adverse effects for them. A 2002 American Journal of Orthopsychiatry article showed women who have abortions file mental health claims 17% more than those who carry babies to term. The British Medical Journal and Southern Medical Journal report that the suicide risk for women who’ve had abortions is two to six times higher than those who carry their children to term. The Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey showed that the risk for placenta previa goes up 50% and the risk of pre-term birth later on doubles after abortion.
            Though hotly contested, abortion can be a cause of breast cancer in women. During pregnancy, the breasts develop significantly more tissue of a less developed type. This gives more area to be able to develop cancer. But not until later in pregnancy does the tissue mature, when it gains resistance to cancer.
            The risk of infection, hemorrhaging, and uterine perforation is very real in abortions. And the further along a pregnancy is when terminated, the higher the risk of death. Deaths have also occurred with the “abortion pill.” Black women are 2.5 times more likely to die during an abortion than white women.
            The Journal of Social Issues reported that 81% of post-abortive women feel victimized by the process (talk to some as I have) and were either coerced or alternatives had been withheld (that could possibly had cut into the industry’s profit). Nearly 40% had partners pressure them into abortions. Planned Parenthood performs 150 abortions for every one adoption they facilitate.
            The feminist movement has fed women with lies that the “empowerment” of abortion is more important than the lives of their children. While women pay the price, men are allowed the very thing that feminism claims to thwart- the ability to use women. To have sex without consequences and to ignore the feelings of women. So when you say it is about “reproductive rights” or “a woman’s right to choose”- that it benefits women- I don’t buy it. I’ve checked the facts, and they don’t look good for the abortion advocate.
            The last of the information is not only proof for the terrible effects abortion has on women, but also for why sex traffickers and the pornography industry benefit from the barbarism.
            But it gets worse. Liberals aren’t the only ones buying into it. I’ve seen numerous Christians following the same philosophy. Somehow Christian men (and women) believe that they can view pornography but have a leg to stand on against abortion. Or take the “End It” movement against modern slavery, including sex slavery. It’s a phenomenal cause and targets an abuse that needs fought. But some Christians who jump on board this movement won’t so much as open their mouths about abortion. No, not that controversy. They’ve been spooked by liberal campaigns that tell them they shouldn’t have an opinion and who attack Christians that do speak out. These Christians don’t want that kind of unpopularity or opposition. So they stick to the more glamorous fights like sex trafficking. Who can actually argue in favor of sex trafficking? So these Christians go through life never having to answer for their beliefs. Again, I completely stand with this cause. But sex trafficking will never- NEVER- end as long as abortion is legal. A pimp can currently take a slave impregnated by a john to a local Planned Parenthood and- watch the Lila Rose videos- have the abuse covered up all so Planned Parenthood can profit off of butchering the human growing inside of the sex slave. It saves pimps the trouble of paying for a pregnancy and child or having to answer the questions that will naturally follow the pregnancy of a young woman with no family or significant other around. How ignorant must we as Christians be to think that staying silent on abortion won’t have consequences related to sex trafficking? Not only do we look like sheep that are spooked when someone disagrees with us, but we also enable the very practice we are putting a red “x” on our hand to stop.
            To reiterate in case you checked out because someone said something you didn’t like, sex traffickers rely on abortion. Who wants to pay for a pregnant prostitute? And the much bigger issue, why would pimps want to take care of a baby? They give the sex slaves little freedom and time; children can’t be an option. Plus, it would cause some questions at the hospital and doctors’ appointments. Somewhere, word could slip out. But in the abortion clinic, no questions are asked, as long as the payment is there. When they do know the information, it is ignored. There are a number of videos circulated of young girls in Planned Parenthood pretending to be someone pregnant via illegal activity. Nothing is reported and secrets are kept. Sex traffickers wouldn’t know what to do without abortion- it is so much easier to kill their slaves’ children and be done with it.
            When women in pornography end up pregnant, it too results in abortion. Their jobs would be put on halt for nine months, then they’d have to lose the baby fat. And who has time to raise a child in such an environment? Most don’t want the responsibility, and they don’t have to bear it. Get rid of the kid and get back to being used by men. Not only this, but with pornography contributing to the hypersexualization in society, there are many other unintended pregnancies. When people, yea, when teenagers go to act out what they see, they may end up with a child they don’t want. And, viola, abortion. So much for “safe, legal and rare” as the woman-user himself Bill Clinton stated.

            It seems such a simple solution, abortion, once you get past the killing of innocent lives and the abuse of women. Supposed proponents of equal rights for women lead them down the path to depression, physical problems, and occasionally death. All while men, abortion doctors, and politicians profit from their shame and pain. And all beyond this, the very things that victimize women is what feminists are enabling by supporting the institution of abortion. Either they are too stupid to realize it or too evil to care. Either way, there are millions of women being hurt every year and millions of children being killed. Tell me how that is a good deal for women and society as a whole?