Friday, February 26, 2016

Evolution: "It's Called a Theory for a Reason."

There are some common ideas in Christianity today that amount to nothing more than semantics.

One of the most stupid arguments surrounds the Evolution-Creationism debate.

“It’s called a theory for a reason,” Christians say about Evolution.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a staunch Creationist. I believe much of Evolution is preposterous. Read Ann Coulter’s Godless, where she outlines the great lengths that the Church of Liberalism goes to hide that Evolution is hogwash.

So it should go without saying that there are a plethora of good reasons to attack the foundation of Evolution. Yet so often the old adage, “It’s a theory for a reason,” is sounded in Christian circles all across America.

Let’s examine this faulty argument.

First, such a claim ignores the distinct difference between a law and a theory. We are mistakenly taught in grade school that when a theory gets enough evidence it becomes a law. Not so. Scientific laws are things observed that will never change. Gravity, for example, is a law. It can be observed. Theories, on the other hand, incorporate laws and vast amounts of evidence to mould a logical explanation. A theory cannot directly be observed, but can be tested.

This is why Evolutionists make themselves look foolish when they say that Evolution is a fact. And Christians look stupid when they say it’s “just a theory”.

Strictly from a scientific perspective, theories are never proven. In conducting experiments, the goal is actually to disprove a theory. If there is one piece of evidence to the contrary, the theory is supposed to be modified or scrapped. Secular scientists never have this goal. When the next discovery comes out, it has “proven Evolution is true”. These scientists religiously protect their humanist beliefs by performing experiments with the wrong goal and hiding or skewing any contrary evidence. Evolution has long been proven untrue through even basic science. The Law (meaning it is directly observable) of Biogenesis states that life cannot arise from nonlife and that everything reproduces its own kind. Both parts are contrary to the Theory of Evolution.

Regardless, we must keep in mind that theories are different animals. Technically, Creationism is never proven because one experiment could still disprove it. This by no means implies that I doubt my faith. I only evaluate evidence in this manner to be fair, something worshippers of science don’t do. Theories can only be disproved or strengthened – never proven. That goes for both sides.

To summarize this brief reminder, theories are not “proven”. They can only be disproven, and the goal in experiments should be to disprove the theory so it can become as strong as possible. If it is disproven it should be rid of. Secular science hides evidence so they can continue their atheistic, man-centered belief that allows them to think they have no one to answer to. Some Christians make the argument that Evolution is only a theory, when there are a plethora of better arguments to make.

Find and learn those arguments and quit playing semantics.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why I'm Not Upset I Missed the March for Life

I really do like the March for Life and events surrounding it. It is nice to network with other pro-life individuals of various organizations and levels of experience. I enjoy the trip I’ve been able to make twice with my university group and the ability to get to know new people and old people better. I think the March as a whole is a good statement to make.

This year, my group had to make a tough but right call to forego the trip due to an expected “historic” blizzard in the D.C. area. And the forecast came true. I heard of one Indiana parish that was stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike overnight with even the National Guard unable to reach them.

I was very much looking forward to traveling and spending time with people, as well as the things I could learn there. But I wasn’t all too upset we had to cancel.

Unfortunately, the March for Life brings out the stupid pro-lifers. No, not that all pro-life people are stupid. I haven’t become a turncoat. But I hear some really bad arguments against abortion from way too many pro-life individuals.

Take the argument that uses fetal development. “The heart starts beating at 18 days.” So would abortion be right before then? If not, then that isn’t a good argument. Or try this one: “That baby could have been the one to cure cancer.” So we value people based on what they can do rather than the simple fact that they are human? “Margaret Sanger was a racist.” So if she wasn’t, abortion would be permissible? “Women regret abortion.” What about the ones that don’t? Were their abortions okay?

I knew being around ignoramus pro-life people would have tried my patience, so no, I’m not too upset I missed the March for Life.

Walk the route of the March, and you may think it’s more of a parade. “Hey Obama, yo mama chose life.” “We love babies, yes we do. We love babies, how ‘bout you?” Idiotic chanting. We look so trivially at something that has taken 55 million lives in the United States alone. Let’s not be somber about genocide. We need to have our fun.

Yes, fun. The March for Life has been advertised before as “The Biggest Pro-Life Party of the Year”. The movement isn’t about ending abortion. It’s not about saving lives. It’s not about trying to make a deposit into a nation going morally bankrupt. It’s a party. Heck, why end abortion at all? We’d have to find another excuse to have fun.

So no, I’m not too upset I missed the March for Life.

Of course, the only quasi-somberness found during the March is the iteration of rehearsed Catholic prayers. Don’t get me wrong, I value the Catholic colleagues I’ve found in the pro-life movement; in fact, they are more committed than evangelicals, sadly. But I can only stand hearing this so many times:

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Tell me how the endless repetition of idolatrous words does anything, ANYTHING at all, for the pro-life movement. What power is there in these words? When I pray to God to end this genocide, I ask Him. I’m specific. “Father, use this new law to shut down the Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati.” I don’t talk to a dead human being.

Hearing memorized prayers? It’s another reason I’m not too upset I missed the March for Life.

There were a few people who were really upset about missing the March. I sort of pitied them. Why? Because it’s all they do.

The March for Life is a giant festival that costs people very little. They have a trip with other people like them, march as a giant group, attend a conference, and say, “See you next year.” There is no real sacrifice involved. Most of these people don’t volunteer at pregnancy centers. They don’t contact their representatives. They don’t defend the preborn in the public square. In fact, reference the arguments above: they don’t have the first clue about how to share their beliefs. The March for Life is just their annual excuse to party and meet other people as detached from the reality of abortion as they are. It’s why they get mad when someone would dare show the graphic reality of abortion along the route of the March. One person actually complained that they were “having such a good time” until they were exposed to the very thing they were supposedly marching against. These individuals don’t want a reality check. It might actually motivate them to do something meaningful.

So no, I’m not too upset I missed the March for Life.

But we’re winning! All of you, every single one of you. Winners.

That’s the message relayed at the Students for Life of America Conference. In fact, it was the theme. “Born to Win”. How nice a thought. Once we look past the fact that there are still over 2900 abortions daily in the United States, and that there is a mockery of justice in that Planned Parenthood is again let off the hook for illegal activities, and that abortion is still a legal activity, it’s easy to see that we’re winners. As long as we don’t think about what abortion actually is and refuse to look past ourselves, we’re winning. Who cares about the preborn as long as we feel good about ourselves? God help me if I had to sit through that garbage. I would’ve had to get back on the bus and explain to my group that they’ve been fed a giant lie, not by the abortion industry, but by those who are supposed to oppose it.

We’re not winning as long as children are dying.

So no, I’m not too upset I missed the March for Life.

See, the problem does not lie in the March itself. It is a good event that draws attention to the pro-life message, whatever that is anymore. No, the problem lies in its attendees. Somewhere, we lost sight of what our true purpose is. Thirty years ago, participants in Operation Rescue were willing to be fined and even go to jail to prevent abortion mills from practicing their trade. They understood that there was no difference in value between born and preborn, just as there wasn’t between whites and blacks twenty years earlier. And their actions showed it. Now, there is no realization of how serious and cruel and awful abortion is. The primary objective is fun, not salvation.

We need to bring it back to the basics. Why is abortion wrong? Why are we involved in the pro-life movement?

Taking an innocent human life is wrong, and that is what abortion is. Therefore, we need to treat it seriously and do all in our power to stop it.

If that isn’t your answer, you need to evaluate yourself, because you are part of the problem.

In the meantime, I’ll continue going to the March for Life. But I refuse to remain silent while my own people treat the slaughter of my fellow humans so trivially.