Friday, February 26, 2016

Evolution: "It's Called a Theory for a Reason."

There are some common ideas in Christianity today that amount to nothing more than semantics.

One of the most stupid arguments surrounds the Evolution-Creationism debate.

“It’s called a theory for a reason,” Christians say about Evolution.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a staunch Creationist. I believe much of Evolution is preposterous. Read Ann Coulter’s Godless, where she outlines the great lengths that the Church of Liberalism goes to hide that Evolution is hogwash.

So it should go without saying that there are a plethora of good reasons to attack the foundation of Evolution. Yet so often the old adage, “It’s a theory for a reason,” is sounded in Christian circles all across America.

Let’s examine this faulty argument.

First, such a claim ignores the distinct difference between a law and a theory. We are mistakenly taught in grade school that when a theory gets enough evidence it becomes a law. Not so. Scientific laws are things observed that will never change. Gravity, for example, is a law. It can be observed. Theories, on the other hand, incorporate laws and vast amounts of evidence to mould a logical explanation. A theory cannot directly be observed, but can be tested.

This is why Evolutionists make themselves look foolish when they say that Evolution is a fact. And Christians look stupid when they say it’s “just a theory”.

Strictly from a scientific perspective, theories are never proven. In conducting experiments, the goal is actually to disprove a theory. If there is one piece of evidence to the contrary, the theory is supposed to be modified or scrapped. Secular scientists never have this goal. When the next discovery comes out, it has “proven Evolution is true”. These scientists religiously protect their humanist beliefs by performing experiments with the wrong goal and hiding or skewing any contrary evidence. Evolution has long been proven untrue through even basic science. The Law (meaning it is directly observable) of Biogenesis states that life cannot arise from nonlife and that everything reproduces its own kind. Both parts are contrary to the Theory of Evolution.

Regardless, we must keep in mind that theories are different animals. Technically, Creationism is never proven because one experiment could still disprove it. This by no means implies that I doubt my faith. I only evaluate evidence in this manner to be fair, something worshippers of science don’t do. Theories can only be disproved or strengthened – never proven. That goes for both sides.

To summarize this brief reminder, theories are not “proven”. They can only be disproven, and the goal in experiments should be to disprove the theory so it can become as strong as possible. If it is disproven it should be rid of. Secular science hides evidence so they can continue their atheistic, man-centered belief that allows them to think they have no one to answer to. Some Christians make the argument that Evolution is only a theory, when there are a plethora of better arguments to make.

Find and learn those arguments and quit playing semantics.

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