Monday, March 3, 2014

Conversation with a Gay Rights Liberal

  • I do not know this individual, so do not ask or try to guess.

  • Joe Trammell Just because religion, race, nationality, and sex aren't choices doesn't automatically make sexuality not one. You assume it isn't without a shred of proof. We are all naturally "straight" because that is how we are made by God; homosexuality is not natural. This is not unloving, this is the truth.
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    • Unnamed No, it's a lie, still. 
      "Scientists have discovered two DNA stretches linked to homosexuality in men. The confirmation of a "gay gene" is expected to support the argument that homosexuality is biological and not by environmental influences.
      The Chicago
       University researchers analysed the DNA of more over 400 pairs of homosexual brothers who were asked to participate for research purposes at Gay Pride festivals over the years. Researchers came across two stretches of DNA associated with homosexuality.
      The results of the recent study seem to SUPPORT A 1993 STUDY revealed in an annual conference by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It was the first study to reveal evidence of the "gay gene" which created a controversial debate and inspired other scientists to find the genetic link.
      Northwestern University's Dr Michael Bailey who contributed to the research in the recent study said it was "the biggest of its kind."
      He remarked that a person's sexual orientation is NOT A MATTER OF CHOICE since their findings suggested a genetic link. He said they have proof of what determines a man's sexual orientation."
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    • Joe Trammell I believe your ramblings would have to be referring to the identical twin studies. Studying brothers would do nothing. Identical twins, however, are born with identical DNA. In those cases they usually found that one was gay and the other wasn't. If being homosexual was genetic, they would have both been born gay,, since they had identical DNA. Which would then lead to the conclusion that it was post-birth factors that lead to them choosing the homosexual lifestyle. Hope this cleared things up for you!
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    • Unnamed Sorry, not referring to identical twins, that was an old study and the sample was too small anyhow to be of any significance. It did provide however the region on the chromosomes in which to investigate further.
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    • Joe Trammell I don't know what you're math experience is, but I've taken statistics. 110x.52 (number of homosexual pairs) =57.2>10, 110x.48 (number of pairs w/ one homosexual) =52.8>10. Hence the sample size was not too small.
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    • Unnamed You are aware that in the eighties and nineties there were several studies with identical twins? Which one is your math example about?
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    • Joe Trammell Exactly my point, it has a lot more evidence behind it. This particular one is Bailey and Pillard's from 1991. Which also found 11% of adoptive brothers of a homosexual to also be homosexual. How that is genetically linked?
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    • Unnamed To answer that we would have to have the original study, including the data about other children the birth parents might have had. As far as I know that was not considered at that time, if you have further information regarding that I would appreciate it if you would share it with us.
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    • Joe Trammell You must have been referring to the study results that just came out last month, in which only gay brothers at gay pride parades were studied. Who's to say others don't also have that area on their genome?
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    • Joe Trammell There are many more studies showing that having an older brother increases a male's chance of being gay. This is due to influences and socialization, not genetics.
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    • Unnamed No, that would be due to the increase in anti-bodies from the mother with each pregnancy.
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    • Joe Trammell You were just claiming genetics cause homosexuality, now you claim a mother's antibodies do?
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    • Unnamed The anti-bodies affect the fetal development, as do hormones. There is a definite genetic involvement, that doesn't mean it is the only factor. With your background I assumed you knew that.
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    • Joe Trammell And hormones too! Seems to me like the gay rights community should figure out what argument they're going to buy into before they make it. For now you can just stick to calling us homophobes. Good day.

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