Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter to HGTV


            I learned of you cancelling the show Flip it Forward due to the Benham brothers’ pro-life stance. While you have a right to have whatever opinion on the matter, allow me to enlighten you:
1.      1. Medical professionals and biologists (unlike the people that were taken into account in the Roe v. Wade decision) are in near consensus that life begins at fertilization. A whole, living, and distinct organism forms at this time. It has different DNA from its parents, which is formed at this time (hence many traits are decided at fertilization). It can even have a different blood type from the mother. Abortion is the killing of a human.
2.      2. A biblical view is not radical, it is what leads to salvation and guides our lives. A biblical view is what tells us that all people are created equal (this is “endowed by our Creator”, as the Declaration of Independence states). It is what tells us that humans are created in the image of God, and therefore all human life is valuable.
3.      3. As Ronald Reagan put it, “I’ve noticed that everyone that is for abortion has already been born.” You are born people advocating, quite openly, for the deaths of over a million unborn humans in the U.S. every year. How convenient for you that you weren’t one of them.
            If you wish to devalue human life to benefit your own, that is your choice. It is a twisted, dangerous view, but you are free to claim it. But are you really that adamant about killing innocent people that you will punish whoever you can that disagrees? I disagree with those on your side, but I do not childishly retaliate. When one knows their position is the right one, there is no need to try to stifle opposition. This is the practice of the vilest of dictators over history’s course.
            You obviously find something wrong with your views to punish pro-life brothers who shared their views in an article on their website. It is disgusting to think that, in the world’s “last best hope”, there are people being punished for their use of their first amendment rights. But such would be expected from the left who doesn’t want to hear opposing views, as it would put them to shame.
            Because this isn’t really about abortion. (It never is with pro-abortion people; they want to frame it under some extenuating circumstance or a women’s choice with “her” body.) This is about a person’s ability to speak out on issues. It is about free speech. As no one has been let go for speaking from the pro-choice side, you clearly have a double-standard.
            God does hate abortion. He hates all sin, especially “hands that shed innocent blood.” And there is judgment coming for those who take part in it as well as nations as a whole that condone it.
            But you don’t want to hear that. You’d rather remove anyone that opposes your view.


Joe Trammell

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