Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sorry I'm White

            It’s hard to be part of the “majority” these days.
            It used to be that for centuries, it was Caucasians that oppressed the minorities in this country. It was wrong, as most people would admit. But now the tables have turned. It is white people who are, more subtly, being oppressed. (Unless a Caucasian is female or homosexual, then it is less pronounced.)
            Don’t get me wrong, certainly today’s oppressions can’t match the level of those in days of old. But the idea of equality has been missed.
            Minorities are given quite a number of advantages. What those behind the creation of these advantages (mostly liberals) don’t realize is that, by saying minorities need advantages, they are saying they are not equal.
            True equality is not making sure the results are the same. That hurts those who have the ability to get ahead. Rather, we must make sure the opportunity is the same. In times past, minorities did not have the same opportunities. Now, things are being unduly altered to rig results in favor of minorities.
            Take affirmative action. College entrance and employment positions are made to give an advantage to minority candidates. It was worse than it is now. Quotas were set on the number of minority applicants that had to be accepted or hired, which has since been ruled unconstitutional in one of the few major cases the Supreme Court has gotten right. The very idea behind this quota is sickening.
            Affirmative action was instituted to “right past wrongs”. This is flawed logic. The past cannot be undone. The majority of people, and the vast majority applying for college and jobs, have no memory of segregation, much less slavery, because (profound statement in three…) they weren’t alive. So minorities are given advantages for the suffering of their ancestors that they largely haven’t had to go through. And Caucasians are punished for the actions of their ancestors that they have not done and do not support. This is liberal logic in its shining glory.
            Even now, affirmative action is allowed as long as it does not involve quotas and “rights past wrongs”. Race is not allowed to be the only factor but can be a factor. In other words, race still puts minorities ahead of whites, but it doesn’t solely land them a job or entrance into graduate programs. The struggle upward for whites continues.
            Have you ever heard of “White History Month”? “White Pride”? Any white holiday such as Kwanzaa? Me either. Though these show special treatment and emphasis to minorities, they again show the liberal attitude of inequality. As Morgan Freeman stated, whites don’t have any special events because their history is considered part of American history, while minorities’ history is separated. Minorities are just as much a part of history as Caucasians are. I am not lashing out because I am bitter (though admittedly, it doesn’t make me happy), I am calling attention to the inequality for everyone in society. The thought is that giving preferential treatment to minorities helps make them equal, when in truth it is saying that minorities need help and are different from whites. Minorities and whites alike deserve better.
            As segregation ended, America finally began to “live out its creed, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’” (obviously Martin Luther King, Jr.). But then, afterwards, the tables were flipped. We can perhaps say that there has never been a time in America’s history where racial equality existed.
            A Caucasian is immediately judged for a crime committed against a minority- specifically a black (African-American should be reserved for those who come from Africa- recently, not 400 years ago). Even if there is little evidence, the indicted is innocent, or is only half-white (see George Zimmerman), the “leaders” of the black community such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to race-bait. When police, whether in the right or wrong, harm a black man, it has been met with riots. If the crime had nothing to do with race, it is still called a hate crime because the criminal happened to be white and the victim black. The data is ignored that shows black-on-white crimes happen twice as often as white-on-black crimes.
            This is but a sampling of this problem. Please understand, I have more minority friends than I can count. I’m not racist, I’m not a white supremacist, and I don’t want to “Put ya’ll back in chains”, as the ever-eloquent Joe Biden stated. I’m bringing light to the facts of the situation. If minorities are equal to whites, which they are, then let’s make them equal. Let’s not have the double-standard. Blacks flock in record numbers to vote for a half-black presidential candidate; even buses were set up to go to polling locations as Barack Obama received 95% of the black vote (in addition to the Democratic motto, “Vote early vote often”). The president himself is an advocate for racial tension. Race-baiting turns situations with no racial tension into an opportunity to blame whites. The supposed “equality” that programs like affirmative action offer actually exposes the underlying sentiments of inequality. (Remember, it was the Democratic Party that were the proponents of slavery and segregation, as they voted against the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments in droves and viciously defended Jim Crow Laws in their “solid south”.)

            I’m not advocating a race war, but a revolution. While liberals attempt to use race to their advantage, they continually oppress minorities. Welfare use, unemployment, and abortions are all higher among them. It is liberals who push these policies. True equality does not need to give anyone an advantage- it allows everyone to compete based on qualifications regardless of race, ethnicity, sex and yes, even sexual orientation. Let’s stop the race-baiting. Let’s stop pulling out the race card. Let’s stop giving minorities advantages and screwing over qualified Caucasians. As one of the shrinking number of the “majority”- white, male, straight, and Christian- I am not ashamed of my history or my ethnicity’s history. I took no part in it. What I am ashamed of is how it is continually brought up to gain the upper hand. When Morgan Freeman was asked how to stop racism, he replied, “Stop talking about it.” The case needs to be closed. I should not have to apologize for being white any more than someone should have to apologize for being black, Latino, Asian, Native American or any other race. I see myself as an American, not a Caucasian, and so too should every other American. Let’s institute true racial equality in America.

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