Saturday, November 1, 2014

That sounds bad. Let's rename it!

            As the great philosopher Red Green spoke about in one of his segments, things always sound better when they are substituted for another word. “You’re not cheap, you’re cautious.” This is something I’ve noticed over the past few years with liberals and libertarians alike. (Economically, these two vary greatly. On social issues, however, they are uncomfortably cozy.) Things that are clearly wrong to anyone with an attached conscience can simply be reworded to appeal to the masses of sheep.
            You may occasionally hear the word “abortion”, but even that has some negative connotation. Why address the issue itself when we can follow a red herring? It’s not an issue of life, it’s “women’s rights”. The proper term would be “dismembering of a human being”, but that doesn’t have a very happy tone to it. It’s much more convenient to use “termination of a pregnancy”. The fetus isn’t human, it is just a “clump of cells”, or if you are a bit more depraved, a “parasite”. Abortion advocate lingo is lengthy; read a pro-choice argument and the bases will be covered.
            “Sin” has been changed to “marriage equality”. Unnatural, ungodly sexual relations are now “hereditary”. Bullying of those who disagree with you is “tolerance”; telling someone out of love that we are all sinners is “intolerance”.
            Robbing from successful people to build an underclass of people who will reciprocate with votes is “redistribution of wealth”.
            A more extensive but certainly not complete liberal-to-English translation:

“I believe in a woman’s right to choose.”
-I believe a woman should not be able to choose her health care provider or if she wants to be a homemaker, but should be able to choose to kill her child.

“Bush lied, kids died.”
-We believe a man who was sent on a trip to Africa by his wife, and lied saying that he was sent by the vice president and CIA, who then lied that there was no uranium bought by Iraq, because we are against wars with Islam.

“Bill Clinton balanced the budget.”
-Besides his affairs, Clinton redirected money from Social Security to make it seem that the budget had a predicted surplus.

“Stay out of my uterus.”
-…unless you are an abortionist.

“We need to make our schools safe.”
-We insist that guns be taken from all citizens, for reasons you can’t ask about.

“You deny science.”
-I believe that, well, assume a particle, and it exploded to create the universe. Then, assume genetic material. It formed a cell from some goo. Then that through random mutations, of which we haven’t found any evidence of in fossils, it started to create more complex organisms. Then eventually, humans are here.

“George Bush”
-When anything Obama does that is questionable is brought up, W. is to blame.

“You’re just racist.”
-I’ve run out of things to say, but don’t want you to win the argument.

“Ronald Reagan was a Fascist.”
-Anyone who lowers taxes, defeats Communism, is anti-abortion, and a Christian cannot be a good person.

“Save the environment.”
-Looking at the last 30 years of data, a warming pattern has been noticed. Though before that a cooling pattern was seen, we insist temperatures will continue to rise, so we need more regulations.

“Climate change”
-I couldn’t decide if the Earth was getting warmer or colder, so naturally any natural phenomenon is due to emissions.

“Go green.”
Buy our expensive stuff. No, I insist.

“Equal opportunity”
-We have it now, but we need to make sure the results for everyone are the same as well.

“Affordable health care”
-For twenty percent of America. Everyone else, we can’t guarantee anything.

“Separation of church and state”
-We wanted to institute our own statist religion, so we created this to keep all the others out.

“Islam is a peaceful religion.”
-I understand the Quran like I understand the Bible.

“Stop patriarchy”
-I believe women should be given special privileges to put them ahead of men.

“Marriage equality”
-Heterosexuals, homosexuals, pedophiles, and zoophiles are all equal

“If homosexuality is wrong, why do you trim your beard or not still stone people?”
-I lost every book of the Bible but Leviticus.

-You are entitled to your opinion, as long as it is mine.

“America is an evil nation.”
-I am using my constitutional free speech rights to trash this country.

“You want to go back to back alley abortions.”
-You want to take away millions in campaign donations.

“We’ll have to raise taxes.”
-I’m taking more of your money and redistributing it to someone who will vote for me.

“You cling to your guns and religion.”
-You’re not who I want Americans to be like.

“Coming out is a very brave thing.”
-But by the time I’m done, it’ll be normal.

“Unfair attack”
-You shouldn’t have quoted me in context.

“Tell me what’s on Fox News tonight.”
-Though the last study done [] showed liberals outnumber conservatives four-to-one in the media, I trust the ones that tell me what I want to hear such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

“Keep the government out of my body.”
-The government can interfere with my body every way except for telling me I can’t kill my child.

-A man who is pro-life

            Just the latest entry into the already extensive liberal-to-English translator involves the issue of physician-assisted suicide. Now generally, we consider to be suicide a bad thing, something that we would do anything to stop a friend from doing. But with the help of one who has taken an oath to do no harm (they must have went to school with abortionists), suddenly suicide is not only permissible but commendable.
            Now I understand, whether you choose to recognize I do, that fatal illnesses are horrible things. So don’t mistake my opposition for euthanasia for a heartless attitude towards those that are suffering.
            The ultimate goal for suffering is to ease it- to stop the suffering. Now this may be a difficult concept to understand for a liberal or libertarian that support the slaying of preborn humans, but this goal is to do what we can to end suffering. Suicide does not end the suffering, but the sufferer.
            See, in their usual fashion, liberals/libertarians have realized that the proper term, “euthanasia”, has developed a negative connotation. And its actual meaning, having someone else kill yourself for you, cannot do to advance their culture of death. Hence terms like “dying with dignity”. There is nothing dignified about killing oneself. This term implies that someone who hangs on and fights for as long as they can is undignified, while giving up and taking poison is “dignified”. What a backwards society.
            The insistence is that the suffering will end. But this creates an insurmountable obstacle. Because apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ, the sufferer will pass on to an eternity in Hell (“intolerance” comments in three…) where they will forever endure prodigiously more suffering. If one does have a relationship with Jesus, then they know that suicide is the wrong answer, but instead they are to use whatever remains of their lives to glorify God. There is no fear of suffering because what waits after is better than what we can imagine.
            Even apart from religion, a foreign lens I am still adjusting to looking through in my writings, suicide makes little sense, maybe even less sense. If this life was all we had, why not allow it to continue for as long as possible? Is not some life better than no life? If the goal is to carry on our names, why throw in the towel early? (Unless, of course, fame is the goal, as it is one of the locomotives for the Brittany Maynard case.)
            We’re trying to teach kids that suicide is not the answer, then praising someone who chooses it. Anyone reminded of the “certain circumstances” belief for abortion.
            Bottom line, none of us can know when we will die. Even someone with a date set can die before then. We all can have plans, but as the Bible says, we ought not to take tomorrow for granted, because we’re not guaranteed it. But we ought to value all human life, from the moment of fertilization to the moment of death. That includes valuing our own lives that we have been given.
            There was a woman slated to willingly have someone take her life today. Amazingly enough, she decided to put it off for a while because she is still laughing and enjoying time with family and friends. But how could she possibly get anything out of life with a terminal illness?!
            There are deep issues surrounding this case and euthanasia in general. It is a conversation worth having, as many other social issues are.

            But let’s avoid that. When you don’t have any defense to your actions and beliefs, you rename them and point fingers.

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