Saturday, February 28, 2015

What is so bad about Girl Scout Cookies?

            Now is not the time to keep silent. I like Girl Scout Cookies as much as the next guy, as my physique can attest to. But being pro-life requires sacrifices.
            It’s true, there are many businesses that support Planned Parenthood, enough that it is difficult to avoid them. Not that one can’t try. Heck, even our tax dollars go to support them. So what makes their partnership with the Girl Scouts of America (GSUSA) merit a boycott?
            It has to do with the target audience. Namely, Girl Scouts. You see, as a business major, I have realized that Planned Parenthood has an impressive business strategy. They have a massive sex education program, trying to normalize sexuality to young children, masturbation, sex toys, pornography and a host of other questionable things. Within their program is detailed instructions to children on how to use sex toys and building a case as to why sex is a healthy thing and should not be regulated. Why?
            Because it builds customers.
            Teach kids at a young age, and I’m talking starting in kindergarten, and you’ll have an hypersexualized generation. You will have teenagers involved in all sorts of stuff that no one should be involved in, much less minors. They want to test what they learn and what they see on the screen. Couple this with free birth control, which is made faulty to purposefully fail, as if birth control and condoms don’t themselves have 20% and higher failure rates. The result is a lot of crisis pregnancies. Crisis pregnancies, if you have your head in the sand, have a much higher chance of ending in abortion. And where will the loyalty lie? To the company that provided them with sex education and birth control. And Planned Parenthood, which locates itself in low-income areas, as the lower class and minorities have a higher pregnancy rate and a much higher rate of abortion, is only too happy to take their business. At the charge of $3000+. And trauma to the woman. And at least one life.
            And half of abortions are repeats from the same woman. It really is a brilliant plan, looking past the ethical issues of dismembering provably living humans, using women and pregnancies as a means to profit from, and covering up statutory rape and sex trafficking in order to obtain more business.
            This is the company that the Girl Scouts are in with. Concerned?
            Naturally, GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chavez denies any involvement. But if Planned Parenthood really does help women as it claims, what is there to hide?
            The Twitter page for the organization reposted a video of “Women of Distinction”, which included Senator Wendy Davis, praising her for filibustering a bill to limit late-term abortions. For their public speaking badge, a recommended list is provided of “Human Rights” speeches to watch, which includes Margaret Sanger’s right to birth control speech.1 In 2010, International Planned Parenthood Federation credited its partnership with the Girl Scouts for helping them reach the youth with the message of sexual and reproductive rights. A young Girl Scout employee was told to turn her “Pray to End Abortion” t-shirt inside-out or leave. The “girls only” program supported by the Girl Scouts explains what to do if a girl is planning on having sex while drunk or high.2
                Even if you are foolish enough to believe in Human Rights and abortion, think of this: only 10% of sales go towards local Girl Scout chapters. So only 10% is ever seen by the girls who are selling the cookies. The rest works its way up the bureaucracy of the organization. Millions in income obtained from unpaid child labor.
            This list is far from exhaustive; on the contrary, it hardly scratches the surface. Check on the links at the end or do your own search. There is an obvious connection between an organization that has influence over two million girls and an organization that brutally kills girls a decade younger. Do we trust girls in America with sex ed from a business that tells them how to have sex while drunk, or that as a kindergartener sex is natural? Or that, by the likes of Lila Rose has been uncovered as covering up incest and rape? One that enables sex trafficking by allowing pimps to force underage prostitutes into abortion after being impregnated by a patron? Do we trust a business who fights against having parental consent for underage girls to have abortions?
            I used to enjoy Girl Scout cookies, and I have nothing against individual Girl Scouts. But too many Christians are guilty of sin through ignorance. You are informed now. As Christians, or anyone who cares about young girls’ futures, we cannot in good conscience support the Girl Scouts of America. If it means sacrificing a traditional sweet to avoid contributing towards a hypersexualized culture of death, so be it.

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