Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Pretty Sure Your Chromosomes Determine Your Sex, Not Your Personal Choice

Time to think rationally. 
I know I’m not the best with science, but I’m pretty sure your chromosomes determine your sex, not your personal choice. 
It’s a profound concept. Take your time with it. Don’t bite off too much at one time. 

Okay, we’re back. Now, I’m going to break this thing down and try not to make it awkward. But in speaking of anatomical and physiological differences between males and females, it sometimes ends up that way. 
This individual has a large build and broad shoulders. Its (I’ll be neutral for the moment) coccyx is narrow. Its body has a high amount of testosterone and a low amount of estrogen. Hence, it can grow facial hair easily and has a deeper voice. In comparison to the other sex, it has a higher amount of red blood cells. It has a penis and testes, and produces semen. Each and every cell in its body has an X and Y chromosome. What is it? A male human. I am a male human, and my birth certificate backs that claim up along with my anatomy and physiology. 
The male does not have a vagina, uterus or ovaries. He cannot become pregnant or menstruate or lactate. His lung capacity is larger and his stomach is smaller. He likely doesn’t have broad hips or defined breasts. 
All of this awkward conversation to say that there are differences, physically, between males and females. There are also cognitive, behavioral and emotional differences as well, admit it or not; we’ll save that for another time. 
I’ve hardly scratched the surface. If it would interest you, you could read websites and books dedicated to such differences. This is scientifically factual. Not the claim of fact that an evolutionary biologist would make. This is observable science, and cannot rationally be disputed. 
So what happens when a man claims that he is a woman? Or a woman that she is a man? As Abraham Lincoln said in one of my favorite quotes, “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” One can claim whatever they want. I can claim that my ethnicity is Oriental Asian and I am 55 years old, but no amount of surgery and dressing to make me look like a 55 year-old Oriental Asian will change the fact that I am a 20 year-old American Caucasian. No amount of pats on the back will change my identity. Why would it be any different if I were to claim I’m actually a woman? 
A man claiming he is a woman does not make him a woman. It makes him confused. Tragically confused. 
There is a way to treat people who are confused about their gender identity. On the one side, bullying and venomous hatred is not the correct response, especially when one claims to be a Christian. On the other side, celebrating an irrational decision is not the right choice either. 
There is a movement from LGBTQ (and the other letters) activists to make gender identity counseling illegal, saying it is telling the confused individual they are wrong. Duh, it is. When I am in the wrong, I want people to tell me, especially if it carries with it major consequences, such as having my genitalia irreversibly removed. The goal is to make it a crime to attempt to lovingly correct someone who is unmistakably in the wrong. There is no debate. An X and Y chromosome make a person male; two X chromosomes makes a person female. There are very rare disorders that cause a person to have a missing or extra sex-determinant chromosome, but they are just that- disorders. Unnatural. Not the liberal connotation of unnatural, simply outside the parameters of the human body. This is not what we are dealing with nor does it give those with a clear anatomical sex the excuse to choose what gender they want to be. 
So people such as Bruce Jenner or Joshua Alcorn, the teenager who walked out in front of a semi on I-71, are confused. They should be met with love. But what the LGBTQ movement has done well is demonizing disagreement. The only way to love someone is to agree with them and celebrate their decision- that is, if their decision lines up with liberal ideology. Nonsense. Don’t believe it just because you heard it on MSNBC or from your college philosophy professor. Even famed atheist magician Penn Jillette had this to say about Christians, “If you believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell, and people could be going to Hell...and you think it's not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?” Sharing what one believes- in love- is the true way to show someone you love them. If I believe, through basic human anatomy, that someone is a man and he is going to pay someone to remove his penis, don’t I owe it to tell him that he is in the wrong? 
Pause. There are several thoughts going through respective readers’ heads. The LGBTQ activist, who thinks he is doing people a favor by affirming what is blatantly a lie, is saying, “(S)he’s not wrong, she is a woman and she can be whatever she wants to be. You saying otherwise is intolerant, homophobic and bullying and you’re causing kids like Leelah (the name Joshua Alcorn chose for himself) to commit suicide.” The LGBTQ activist is completely shutting down what I am saying without giving it any thought, then labeling me as close-minded. I hope that these individuals will hear someone out who dares to think differently. 
Then there are some “Christians” out there that are saying, “Why apologize? Why be kind? These people are ruining our society. If a child chooses that they deserve to be cut off from influences.” 
And both are wrong, very wrong. Sex is a very cut-and-dry issue, probably even more than race is. But to justify one’s own lifestyle they will choose to allow another to mislead himself and celebrate the confusion. 
Jesus outlined another way. He never found it difficult to call sin as it is. But He showed love to sinners. He didn’t stop at their sin; rather, he told them that their sin could be forgiven if they choose to repent and place their faith in Him. That is the essence of the gospel. All men- straight, gay or transgender- are sinners, and the only way to move past that sin nature is by choosing the gift of a relationship with the One who set up morality in the first place. 
So I will make no apologies in saying that we are all sinners, and included in that sin is just about everything the LGBTQ movement stands for. But I will not fail to tell you that that isn’t the end, either. Jesus loves you, and so do I. 
Being transgendered is being confused, and we should point such people in the right direction. Just remember, Jesus was hardest on the hypocrites. 

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