Thursday, December 31, 2015

Study Abroad: London Journal

Last winter around this time I was afforded the incredible opportunity to study abroad in London. It was the best time for me to do it, as I'm often busy in summer and spring break and didn't have the desire to do a full semester. With a couple scholarships and a grant from NKU's College of Business, I had a large majority of my travel study paid for.

I have included a Dropbox link to my entire journal from my time in London, as well as a link to a large album in my Facebook photos. (Pasting everything into this post would have been a long job.) I don't post this to be vain, nor do I expect anyone to read it all. My purpose in posting this is to satisfy any curiosity as to what I was able to do and the things I learned, to tell a first-hand account of living for the first time in another culture, and, most importantly, to serve as a reference to anyone contemplating studying abroad, particularly on the annual London trip.

I highly recommend studying abroad. The wealth of experience and knowledge I've obtained has served me well. There is no cheaper way to visit the city, and no better way than with a group of your peers. I still maintain close friendships with some of the people with whom I traveled. The memories made there are cherished to this day. By all means, check into any opportunity to travel abroad in this manner. I know of no one that regretted the trip. Just be warned: this will create an insatiable desire to travel and learn, and may also create lavish tastes in expensive foods found only at international markets. Feel free to reach out in the comments section with any questions on studying abroad.

Included is a daily log of activities, as well as some other assignments that had to be completed. (Be sure you're aware of due dates.) Omitted is my 21 page SWOT analysis comparison of the American and British economies. Plagiarism is real, folks.

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