Thursday, May 5, 2016

Who's Writing Your Story?

I’m a sucker for a deep book.
You know, the kind that can’t be just a straight read-through. You have to do more to understand it, or at least fully understand it. I love the kind of books that people have to read in English class and hate.
Symbolism, metaphors, motifs, the double entendre, and all other kinds of rhetorical devices, both apparent and hidden. That’s the kind of things I enjoy reading.
You know what book has more rhetorical devices than any other? The Bible. Ever read it? Ever look into each story, each chapter, all the quotes? It is full of them. Go through any chapter, other than perhaps a genealogical chapter, and you’ll find symbols, similes, or personification. That is why even public schools will assign portions of it – simply for its literary value.
That is not to say that this is the most important of the Bible’s message by far. But it does tell us something. Paul said in II Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is inspired by God. It is God that inspired this very deep Book. It was He that gave us the richness of Job, Psalm, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. He wrote the flowing writing of Song of Solomon and all the other books. God is quite the author.
See this: a “deep” book is pretty rare. We can find many books that are easy reads that are for entertainment or education but not for thought. There isn’t much room for our own conclusions. But a deep book requires a lot of planning by the author, and usually takes years to write and rewrite.
Why would we leave that up to chance? The world tells us, “Do what makes you happy” or “Follow your heart”. But that’s just writing our story based on whatever we feel like. That never makes for a very good book. There’s no looking ahead and writing the story with all the extra details that make it worth reading.
But do you know who can write a good story? God can. He’s proven it with the Bible and with the people that are contained in it. God can see the end from the beginning, and He knows just how to order the details of your life. While we can only try to set ourselves up for the future, God already knows what will happen. Why would we attempt to write our own stories when the master Author (“The Author and Finisher of our Faith”) is waiting with pen in hand to write it for us? It’s the difference between a book written for our entertainment and one that is full of connected details and is truly a blessing.
Put the pen down, and let God take it up. Make your life a blank page that He can fill.

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