Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jude 8c; II Pet. 2:10b,e

God's judgment is also "chiefly" reserved for those who "despise government". Jude gives the description that these false teachers "despise dominion". Both these words mean "authority". A characteristic of these ungodly men is that they "reject authority". Rather than submitting themselves to the higher powers (Rom. 13:1), they choose to be their own authority. God put in His Holy Word that He is the ultimate authority and man should first submit himself to Him. He has also placed government, fathers/husbands, pastors, bosses, school faculty, and others in positions of leadership that, as long as they are not breaking the principles of the Bible, we are to submit ourselves to. But these certain men, as is natural in any man, choose to reject authority, and therefore reject God's commandment. It goes a step further. Peter says later in the verse that "they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities". Jude says the same, "and speak evil of dignities". Not only do these ungodly men reject their authority, but they openly criticize them, without fear. While appearing spiritual themselves, they in turn try and paint their God-given authority in a bad light. God told the children of Israel not to "curse the ruler of thy people" (Ex. 22:28), and Paul reiterated it when he was in trouble (Acts 23:5). Nonetheless, we are held to higher standards, being told to honor them (I Pet. 2:17).

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