Monday, March 28, 2016

Church Members Poison Selves "for the Glory of God"

Members of a small Southern Baptist church committed a mass suicide during their Sunday morning service yesterday, confirmed local law enforcement.

The worship leader was in the middle of singing "Forever", a popular song by recording artist Kari Jobe, when he paused to talk to the congregation. This was not unusual, but his message was.

"He just stood there in tears, having a quiet dialogue with the Almighty. Think he was speaking in tongues," said an anonymous parishioner that declined to take part in the suicide. "Finally he looked at the congregation and said, 'Forever He is glorified. If we really believe this, church, then our lives should glorify Him. All that we do. All that we say. Utilizing God's creation - that's what brings Him glory.'"

It was at that point that the worship leader held up a bottle.

"'In here is hemlock juice. Now not many people drink this, so we're going to really bring glory to God by using the creation He's put here.' Then he yells, 'He's worthy!' and took a swig.

"I think some of the church members were a little confused, but most followed suit. Some of them were just hanging on to the Mark 16:18 principle, you know, drinking poison and not dying and what not. Guess they thought it still applied."

The worship leader, though, seemed to know that he was going to expire, yet placed God's glory above his own well-being.

The names of the individuals that died will not be released until after autopsies have been performed and family members are notified.

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