Thursday, July 21, 2016

I don't have to make fun of Black Lives Matter. It's already a joke.

There are some times that I know what I say will make people mad. But if something needs to be said (as in, it’s the truth but most people are too afraid to say it), I’ll say it regardless of the feelings it may hurt.

There are other times that I think something will not illicit strong reactions, but I am proven wrong.

The latter was the case when I pointed out the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the three police officers murdered in Baton Rouge was black. Do black lives really matter if black people are being killed in protest of blacks being killed?

Indeed, “Black Lives Matter” is a misnomer. These individuals for the most part are inconsistent. There is no mention of the common problem of blacks killing blacks in the inner city. The year-and-a-half following Trayvon Martin’s death saw over 11,000 blacks killed by other blacks. Ninety-three percent of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks.

Nor does Black Lives Matter mention a word about the biggest killer of blacks: abortion. Margaret Sanger used abortion to strategically target blacks, and her work continues. Blacks comprise 14% of the population, but one-third of abortions. In New York, there are more black babies aborted each year than there are born. In an average year, well over 300,000 black lives are taken by abortion. Not a word from Black Lives Matter. In fact, many of them are Progressives and whole-heartedly support abortion.

The hypocrisy is so staggering, I can’t take the movement seriously. It seems the only black lives that really matter to Black Lives Matter are criminals. This is why the name “Black Lives Matter” is so misleading. They protest the one problem that doesn’t exist and ignore the ones that do.

These are the sentiments I expressed, and friends came out of the woodwork to challenge me, whether directly confronting me, talking to me privately, or passive-aggressively approving of others chastising me. So it became painfully obvious that “hateful” me needed to lay out my case in-depth.

It is claimed that not all of Black Lives Matter is violent. I would agree, though a sizeable minority is. Comparisons are made about a Christian that becomes violent in the name of Christianity or a pro-life person that goes rogue and kills an abortionist. However, unlike these examples, violence in the Black Lives Matter movement is not isolated. It’s a regular event. Days-long riots. Shooting police. And even more people that don’t directly become violent call for violence.

Blacks Lives Matter is not only illegitimate for these reasons, but most important, it is built on a foundation of lies. The entire basis is wrong. There is no systematic discrimination in law enforcement. This is not to say that there are no racist police officers, but those are anomalies, not the rule. This poor foundation breeds mistrust of law enforcement and leads to violent outbursts.

Apparently, it is wrong to poke fun at the Black Lives Matter movement. But I don’t have to make fun of Black Lives Matter. This bastard movement is already a joke. It writes its own punchlines. I stand back in awe of the fact that riots start without anyone knowing the evidence of a case. These fools are not interested in justice at all, as we will see.

So let us take a look at the important players in BLM, as well as the deaths over which it has gone berserk.

Alicia Garza

Garza is one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. She takes inspiration from Assata Shakur – a Marxist revolutionary, Black Panther, and cop-killer. She also admires Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, and Ella Baker, who between the three of them have Marxist, Communist Party USA, and lesbian feminist identities.

She is a lesbian Marxist who is married to a transgender individual. She desires for the Black Lives Matter movement to fight for the rights specifically of LGBT blacks.

Garza also takes offense to the phrase, “All lives matter.”

This is what you are supporting, Christians.

Patrisse Cullors

Another founder of BLM, Cullors’ words display her identity:

“I think there is the conversation that happens on social media from law enforcement in many places that some people would say are just lies, they are putting out information on the one hand and on the other hand propaganda.”

From the top down, Black Lives Matter breeds mistrust of police.

Opal Tometi

Tometi is the other co-founder. She is a former volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union, the organization that perpetually sues Christians or sues cities to remove any Christian d├ęcor, such as the Ten Commandments or nativity scenes.

Together, these three women were named to Fortune magazine’s 50 Most Influential World Leaders.

Then we have other activists involved in the movement. Shaun King, who is obviously biracial, covered up the race of his father until last year. Deray McKesson is the bold hashtag activist. Johnetta Elzie has called the Republican National Convention a “Klan meeting”. However, she probably doesn’t have much time for activism with her 181,000 tweets.

So we’ve covered the lunacy of the Black Lives Matter founders and important players. To show that the foundation of the movement is wrong, let’s examine the deaths of black men protested by BLM.

Trayvon Martin

The Black Lives Matter movement began with the tragic death of a teenager. I say tragic because all of these deaths are tragic. There are young black men being raised suspicious of law enforcement and whites, so by the time they are physically matured, they have this animosity engrained in their minds. This is not to say that they are guiltless in their actions; they certainly are to blame. But equally to blame is the urban culture in which they were raised. This is where the problems actually lie, and this is where society must start if we are to end these deaths – not with police or whites.

Trayvon Martin was portrayed by the media as the 14 year-old picture that was widely circulated. In reality, he was a drug-using burglar, not an innocent child. George Zimmerman took notice and kept an eye on him.

This is where Zimmerman went wrong. Rather than rely on police, he tried to be the hero himself. No one knows what happened the night he killed Trayvon Martin. If someone says they do, they’re lying. There were no credible witnesses to the death. And both Martin and Zimmerman had character flaws.

Zimmerman was found not guilty not because we knew he was innocent, but because there was not enough evidence to convict him. That’s the way our justice system works. The United States would be a terrible place if we decided to convict someone of murder with little evidence simply because a large group of people want him to be convicted.

But Black Lives Matter isn’t interested in justice. They never have been.

Riots broke out across the country. Buildings were looted and set ablaze. “Kill Zimmerman” was written on walls. Traffic was blocked. American flags were burned. A grandmother was attacked while trying to take a seven year-old to the hospital.

When a mistrust of police is hammered into the heads of young blacks, from the top down – Garza, Cullors, Tometi, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. – they decide to take the law into their own hands when they feel justice was not served. But anyone that knows the law (and doesn’t ignore it) can see that everything was done right.

Was George Zimmerman guilty? We can’t say for sure. Judging from his actions since the death of Martin (such as auctioning the gun he used to kill Martin for $138,900), I think he shares some guilt. Perhaps it was manslaughter. There’s a chance it was murder, or that it was self-defense. We don’t know for sure.

The ridiculous part of the Trayvon Martin case was that the movement that spawned from it has nothing to do with that particular case. George Zimmerman is half white and half Hispanic. Yet somehow, whites bore the brunt of the blame game. Black Lives Matter is focused on ending the perceived police bias and brutality. But George Zimmerman was not a police officer. He was a community watch organizer. He had no legal authority.

So essentially, a movement pointing out the perceived wrongdoing of law enforcement and whites began when a half-white civilian killed a black teenager.

Bernard Bailey

It is only fair to include the episodes of misconduct by police. As we will see in the other cases, this is an anomaly. In this case, police chief Richard Combs and Bailey got into a scuffle over a traffic ticket. In the process, Combs shot Bailey three times, resulting in his death.

There is nothing that points to racism, though unsurprisingly Black Lives Matter has used this as ammunition. Combs was initially charged with murder, but the charge was dropped. He was instead convicted of misconduct. He was defending himself, but used excessive force in the process.

Walter Scott

Walter Scott, like most people on this list, was a criminal. He had been convicted of a felony and had assaulted a police officer. Right before he was shot, he had stolen a Taser from the officer that killed him. He was not totally clean.

However, Officer Michael Slager needlessly shot Scott as he ran away. This was not done in defense of his life or anyone else’s life. Hence, Slager was charged with murder. His case is ongoing.

I mention these events to show that there are some bad police officers, and not every death is entirely the criminal’s fault. Once again, though, there is no proof that this was a racially-motivated killing. At best, we can prove that on rare occasion there have been officers who have wrongfully killed a civilian. At best, we can say “All lives matter” and tell the police to be more careful. Yet, Black Lives Matter uses stories such as this to make their baseless case:

“Walter’s death was motivated by racial discrimination. You’ve got to hate somebody to shoot them in the back.” –Pastor George Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton told the crowd at the memorial service that the killing was motivated by “overt racism”. As we will see soon, Black Lives Matter’s reaction are painfully predictable. If a white man kills a black man, it is because the white man is racist. End of story.

Ezell Ford

Technically, Ezell Ford was unarmed when he was shot to death by Los Angeles police. This is a common ploy used by Black Lives Matter.

“Well he was unarmed! He couldn’t have been a threat! This was blatant racism!”

Several black men have been killed when they were “unarmed”. What is glossed over is the fact that Ford was attempting to grab an officer’s gun from his holster. So let’s see: if the officers don’t shoot Ford, he ends up grabbing the gun and killing the officer he took it from, and possibly others. This is an open and shut case of self-defense. The police were protecting themselves. Period. Lethal force is justified when the thug attempts lethal force.

But, naturally, Black Lives Matter supporters said differently. One sign at a memorial said the LAPD was carrying out “executions” against blacks. Ford’s parents filed multiple lawsuits, claiming that the officers used excessive force because of “Ford’s status as an African American or his black skin tone.”

A criminal is killed by police while trying to kill police, and that is a racially motivated execution?

This is why I can’t take Black Lives Matter seriously. No, in this case there wasn’t much violence after this killing. But outright lies were spread about the case, which led to, again, further mistrust of police. The LAPD did everything right, and were demonized for it.

Dontre Hamilton

Initially, the news that Hamilton was shot 14 times would make the average person think that excessive force was used. And since most people fail to investigate any further, many people still hold this belief. However, there is a different story:

“Manney described arriving on the scene, where he found Hamilton lying on the ground, with his eyes open and a leg shaking. Manney said Hamilton stood up, and as Manney patted him down he felt a hard cylindrical object in Hamilton's waist band and another hard object in Hamilton's pocket.

According to Manney, Hamilton trapped his arms. When he freed himself, Manney said, Hamilton looked at him with a ‘1000-yard stare.’

The two men fought, and Manney said he used his baton to strike Hamilton, but Hamilton trapped the baton with his arm, grabbed it and then struck the officer. Manney said he attempted to push Hamilton away to create distance. Manney said he thought Hamilton was growing stronger, reaching the point of ‘super human strength.’

When Manney finally got his firearm, he said, he walked backward. Hamilton continued to advance.

Manney said he gripped his pistol with two hands and fired, striking Hamilton in the chest. Hamilton kept coming forward.

Manney continued to fire until Hamilton fell to the pavement; he recalled it was as if he was ‘shooting a BB gun.’”

–Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinal

Officers are trained to fire to “stop the threat”. Fourteen shots can be fired in three seconds. Hamilton is schizophrenic and an obvious threat, as he was already assaulting Manney. He was continuing to advance against a backing up Manney. The final report rightfully supported Manney’s self-defense.

Manney was physically injured from Hamilton’s attack and was “distraught” after the shooting.
But Hamilton’s family said that justice wasn’t served, that Manney should have been indicted for the death. Hillary Clinton had something to add as well during a debate:

“We know of the tragic, terrible event that led to the death of Dontre Hamilton right here in Milwaukee, a young man, unarmed, who should still be with us. His family certainly believes that, and so do I. So we have work to do.”

She, as is the case with BLM sympathizers, neglected to mention that Hamilton had armed himself with a police officer’s weapon.

Once again, a police officer doing his job was crucified, and a thug was canonized.

Rumain Brisbon

Brisbon was playing music loud enough to warrant a call to the police. Police responded, and Brisbon went to grab something out of the back of his SUV. The officer told him to put his hands up, but Brisbon instead stuffed his hands in his waistband. The officer, unsure of what was in Brisbon’s waistband, drew his weapon. Brisbon ran while verbally challenging the officer. Once the officer caught up, he told Brisbon to get on the ground. Brisbon put his hand in his left pocket, and the officer grabbed his hand, unsure of what was in his pocket. Eventually, Rumain Brisbon broke free, and the officer shot him, believing he had a gun in his pocket. He didn’t, but the officer had no way to know that.

Naturally, the officer was not charged with a crime. But Black Lives Matter cried racism.

Attorney Marci Kratter offered her view:

“It was a senseless tragedy. He was unarmed and not a threat to anyone. We intend to pursue this to the full extent of the law.”

Community leader Karl Gentles:

“There has to be some additional communication, dialogue, training, about how black males are perceived. Because, as you see from other incidents, black males are feared with unfound reason in many cases, and there is an explicit overreaction in dealing with African-American males that leads to these contentious situations.”

Ann Hart, chairwoman of the African American Police Advisory for South Phoenix (yes, it’s actually a thing):

“It gives the impression that it's open season for killing black men.”

Tamir Rice

This has to be the most tragic of all the deaths. Tamir Rice was just twelve years old when he was killed.

Rice was, frankly, a thug in training. Someone at twelve years old is affected by the views of the culture he was raised in, as well as his family.

No twelve year-old should be walking around a park pointing a fake gun that looked like a real gun at people. It makes one wonder what is going on in his home life.

Rice had also removed the orange sticker that specifically is made to tell people the gun is not operational. So for all the people in the park knew, their lives were actually in danger.

The police felt the same way. The police told him to put his hands up. Instead, Rice pulled the gun out of his waistband. Officer Timothy Loehmann then shot and killed Rice.

Again, it’s so tragic that a boy of 12 years died. But it was not the fault of the officers. They followed regulations. Rice’s teaching by society and family led to his death. The problem is not police. It’s the black leaders and parents (and the Black Lives Matter movement) that teach children not to trust or obey law enforcement. (This is not a blanket statement. It would be a lie to say all blacks are taught lawlessness. Not even close to true. But there is a problem in the inner city, as can be seen by the disproportionate crime, murder, and resisting arrest rates. This is where the solution needs to be.)

Chris Kyle, the “American Sniper”, was faced with a similar situation during a battle. He saw a child walking towards U.S. troops with an explosive. He desperately didn’t want to shoot the little boy. But it was apparent that the boy posed a serious threat to the tank the boy was headed towards. So Kyle killed the boy in defense of others. He refused to accept congratulations for the shot. Though it was tragic, by all accounts the boy seemed like a threat. So he did what he had to do. So did Timothy Loehmann.

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray died in the custody of Baltimore police. What is not certain is how he received the injuries that led to his death.

One thing is certain about Gray’s death: it brought the corruption of the Baltimore and Maryland governments into light. Detectives learned that Gray had a history of “crash-for-cash” schemes – purposefully injuring himself in the setting of law enforcement to collect cash from settlements – but were advised not to pursue the information by state prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby. Likewise, when riots were poised to occur, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police to give “space to destroy”, giving rioters a license to commit crime without fear of arrest.

Both these women are black. There might have been racial motivations that took place in this case, but it wasn’t the white police officers.

So Freddie Gray has a history of injuring himself to sue law enforcement. Some reports state the same was happening in the back of the police van Gray was transported in. He reportedly, according to the Washington Post’s interview of another prisoner in the van, was “banging against walls” and “intentionally trying to injure himself.”

Sounds like this thug was trying to have grounds for another lawsuit and went overboard, essentially killing himself. Other accounts state that he already had the injuries before the van ride. There’s no indication this was racism. This wasn’t even negligence. This was a man who accidentally killed himself trying to incriminate police.

But Black Lives Matter and the sympathetic politicians didn’t see it that way. Mosby has sent six police officers, involved in the transportation of Freddie Gray, to trial three times, and has never come close to convicting any of them. She has not rested in her efforts to punish them for a crime they didn’t commit. Mosby has had disbarment charges filed against her over the witch hunt.

Protests were for the most part peaceful for a week, barring one night in which five police vehicles were destroyed and officers were pelted with rocks. But a couple days after the mayor’s comments, “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well,” violence escalated.

After Gray’s funeral, around 100 rioters injured 15 police officers; some had broken bones. Two police vehicles were destroyed, and a CVS was looted and burned. A fire hose being used to stop the fire was also punctured.

The carnage of the night was only beginning. By morning, there had been 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires, and one bad injury from arson. Many of those cleaning up their businesses were, ironically and sadly, minorities. What better way to show that black lives matter than to destroy black businesses?

President Obama and Jesse Jackson took an alarmingly empathetic tone towards the rioters.

So, to review, a thug gets himself killed, BLM cries racism, massive rioting harms black businesses. Once again, it is the lies of Black Lives Matter about racism in the police force, and the reaction of black leaders to Freddie Gray’s death, that led to these riots.

Eric Garner

Garner was well-known to NYPD. He already had eight domestic incident reports against him. One involved him throwing his daughter and newborn grandchild out of a car. Several more involved sexual touching.

Possession of particularly dangerous narcotics was also on his list of crime, as well as driving with a suspended license. And participation in organized crime. All these comprised over 30 arrests.

His go-to crime was the untaxed cigarette trade. This involved selling single cigarettes under the table, which is illegal since neither he nor the buyer can be taxed.

Don’t just take my word for it. In the infamous video of Garner being placed in a chokehold, he admits it inadvertently:

“Because every time you see me, you want to harass me, you want to stop me, say I’m selling cigarettes…I’m tired of it. It stops today.”

It’s true, this was a minor arrest. But it still warrants an arrest. Garner was also out on bail after being charged with illegally selling cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession and false impersonation.

The 6’3”, 350 pound Garner can be seen swatting away the arms of the officer trying to handcuff him, saying, “Don't touch me!”

There was and is much talk about Garner being placed in a chokehold. However, the claim that it was illegal is a lie. Between 2009 and mid-2014, there were over 1100 chokehold allegations. It was an acceptable takedown move since Garner was threatening and stronger. The officer’s intention was to arrest, not kill; he could not have known about Garner’s poor health. Regardless, Garner did not die at the scene. He died after suffering cardiac arrest in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Officer Pantaleo, the one who administered the chokehold, went before a grand jury of 23 people, nine of whom were not white. They decided against pressing charges.

Eric Garner’s resisting arrest led to his death. This was not the fault of the police department.

Naturally, Black Lives Matter thought differently. Riots broke out across the country when Pantaleo was freed by the justice system.

Garner’s daughter, Erica, spoke about the Baltimore riots:

“They had enough. They don’t know what else to do. They don’t have no jobs, they don’t have proper schooling. I was driving through Baltimore earlier and I noticed how many abandoned buildings is out there. It’s like there’s no hope. These kids have no hope. I’m not condoning what they are doing but like they think – they seem like they have no hope. Like, eventually this is going to happen to me, I’m going to be killed by the cops so why not go out there and get my message across. Burning down the city is not right but what other choice do we have. They scared.”

In other words, she knows they are in the wrong, yet she justifies their wrongdoing. So much paranoia: “Eventually…I’m going to be killed by the cops.” Yes, every single black person will be killed by police.

Riots broke out around the country over Garner’s death and the death of Michael Brown.

Michael Brown

The Michael Brown case is extremely clear, yet it sparked some of the most violent protests by Black Lives Matter. Darren Wilson pulled up by Michael Brown and Brown’s friend, who were walking down the middle of the street. The two thugs had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the clerk. Wilson didn’t know this; he approached them because they were blocking traffic and taking a foolish risk by walking in the middle of the road.
Surveillance of Brown robbing the convenience store

“Come on guys, get out of the street,” he said.

The two refused, so Wilson drove over by them. He attempted to get out of the car, but Brown slammed his door. As Wilson attempted to get out again, Brown rushed him, shoved him back in, and punched him in the face. Wilson rightfully grabbed for his gun, but Brown also grabbed it, and it went off. Further physical struggle led to Brown being shot. Brown and his friend ran off as Wilson got out of the car and ordered them to freeze.

“Oh, what are you going to do about it? You're not gonna shoot me,” Brown said.

Then Brown charged Wilson at full speed from 35 feet away. Wilson began shooting, but Brown kept coming, to Wilson’s amazement. Finally Brown dropped about three feet in front of Wilson. Wilson was then taken to the hospital for injuries he received from Brown’s blows.

This is should not even be an argument. Brown was a criminal who tried to kill a police officer.

But he has been made into one of Black Lives Matter’s main martyrs. Their version of the story is that Wilson pulled up to harass the two young men because they were black. Brown was shot with his hands up in surrender.

But even liberal media realized that Brown hardly had his hands up, and that Wilson was justified in killing the thug.

“He was running for his life and just got shot and turned around and didn't try to reach for anything. He put his hands in the air being compliant and he still got shot down like a dog,” a friend said. The investigation showed otherwise.

That didn’t matter, though. UC Berkeley students and others rioted, vandalizing and looting buildings. A protestor that tried to stop the looting was hit with a hammer. Three police officers were wounded when protestors hurled concrete at them.

The brunt of the Black Lives Matter riots happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the location of Brown’s death. The day after (August 10, 2014) saw vandalism of cars, looting of a dozen businesses, one arson, and confrontations with police officers.

On the next day, rocks were thrown at police. Later on, protestors used Molotov Cocktails.

Yet the actions of the rioters were blamed on the “militarization” of the police. In other words, the police riot gear to protect them from Molotov Cocktails caused the rioters to escalate their criminal activity.

“They just couldn’t help themselves! The protective gear set them off! They weren’t in control of their actions at all!”

In other words, it’s all the police’s fault.

Violence continued on and off for over a week. Then when charges were not pressed against Wilson, more riots sprung up, as well as the common tactic of blocking roads to events. Twenty-five more buildings were looted or set on fire. In March of 2015, two police officers were shot outside of the police station.

Darren Wilson ended up resigning, saying that the job was unbearable due to the criticism he faced. It has been difficult for him to find another job. Black Lives Matter took an innocent man and wrecked his life.

Michael Brown soaked up the lies Black Lives Matter spread – there is racism in police departments and they can’t be trusted – and he died as a result. If he would have simply cooperated, he would not have ended up lying on the pavement in the middle of the road. Instead, he resisted arrest and attacked a police officer. Michael Brown’s skin color didn’t kill him – his actions did. If he would have been white, a white thug would have died that night.

But try telling that to Black Lives Matter. They simply assume racism because the police officer happened to be white and the criminal happened to be black. They don’t want evidence. They don’t want justice. They want their presuppositions confirmed, even if it takes blatant lies.

That’s why they’re a joke.

The problem here was not police brutality and systematic racism. The problem was that a young man had grown up with a will to break the law and absolutely no respect for police, even when they approach them for their safety. The problem is the urban culture the young man grew up in, not the police.

But Black Lives Matter will not recognize that. They took an obvious case of self-defense and twisted it into racism. This is why I consider them an illegitimate movement. Any movement that sacrifices an officer doing his job on the altar of their agenda is criminal. “Well he was white, and he killed a black man. It must be racially motivated.”

No movement like that deserves respect.

Laquan McDonald

I’ve watched this video. I’ve watched all of them. It does not appear, though McDonald had a knife, that he was an imminent threat to Jason Van Dyke, the officer that killed him. Even granting that, there’s really no excuse for continuing to fire at McDonald after he was on the ground. A first-degree murder charge is appropriate here.

Black Lives Matter assumed there would be no justice, or at least didn’t care, and began protests anyway. There was no indication that Van Dyke’s actions were motivated by racism. Such a claim might hold more weight if there weren't also whites and Hispanics dying in the same way. And Van Dyke was properly charged with first-degree murder. What more do they want?

Attorney Dan Herbert had it right when he said Van Dyke needed to be tried in the courtroom, “not in the streets or in the media,” though he is Van Dyke’s defense attorney. He has an uphill battle.

Not much violence happened in Chicago; rather, immaturity seemed to reign.

One young woman was screaming at a random police officer, and he asked why she was so angry.

“Because you’re dumb! End of story,” she replied.

Another famous photo was captured when a young man stared down a police officer nearly nose-to-nose. I would have figured, with all these racist white cops, he would have killed the young man. But he showed remarkable restraint, as have most police during protests and riots.

Philando Castile

Jeronimo Yanez did not follow proper procedure during the traffic stop. (Naturally, I had to go to Fox News’ website to find this information, since all the others focused on racism.) Yanez pulled Castile over because he matched the description of a robbery suspect. It wasn’t racial profiling. However, when officers believe there is a felon in the car, they are supposed to order everyone out of the car before approaching. Yanez clearly did not do so. When Castile said he had a weapon, he simultaneously reached for his back pocket. I’m sure this panicked Yanez, who likely thought Castile was reaching for the weapon. With other information absent as of now, it’s tough to say whether Yanez was justified in shooting Castile. At the very least, his negligence ended up putting Castile at risk, and for that he deserves some sort of charge against him.

Alton Sterling

“They are telling us not to be violent, but they are being violent against us,” one protestor said.

It’s true, police are violent towards them, if they are threatening the officers’ lives.

Such was the case with Alton Sterling, who had a gun on him and reached for it while on the ground. That makes the point blank shooting by police justified. He might have done the same to them. It’s little details like this that Black Lives Matter glosses over to help their case.

Reactions to Castile’s and Sterling’s deaths were drastic. One Baton Rouge officer, where Sterling was killed, had several teeth knocked out. But that was minor compared to other Black Lives Matter thugs.

On July 7, Dallas police were ambushed at the end of a peaceful protest. Five were killed, seven others were wounded, along with two civilians.

Ten days later, three officers were killed in Baton Rouge and several others injured.

One was black.

Yes, during a protest over the deaths of black men, a black man was killed to teach police they shouldn’t kill black men.

Just yesterday (July 20), another officer was murdered in Kansas City.

It seems like Black Lives Matter has declared open season against police.

Montrell Jackson, murdered in Baton Rouge
Now you may say that no leader was encouraging those actions, and you’d be right. But if I am supposed to be held accountable for my tweets that “hurt people”, bless their sensitive hearts, then Black Lives Matter should be held accountable for their rhetoric.

Black Lives Matter tells people that justice is perverted. The deck is stacked against blacks. All these innocent blacks are being killed by police, and whites are getting away with it. Now if I’m already someone with extreme and violent tendencies, I’m going to assess the situation as told by Black Lives Matter, and say, “There is no way to get justice. The only way we can even the playing field is by killing cops in return.” That’s the problem with Black Lives Matter. Their lies encourage such desperate activity, even if some don’t directly encourage it.

So you tell me that most of Black Lives Matter does not commit violence. That’s true. You say most don’t advocate violence. That’s debatable; at the very least there are a lot of people that refuse to condemn the violence, believing that it is the way the movement will be heard. Martin Luther King, Jr. is rolling in his grave.

That is not even the best argument against the illegitimate movement. The problem is that mistrust of law enforcement is widespread because Black Lives Matter is spreading those lies. Examine the cases I outlined. The majority of the deaths were not the fault of law enforcement. The black men killed in most of those cases were threatening the lives of police officers. Even in the ones in which a police officer was in the wrong, there is no proof that the death was racially motivated.

Yet Black Lives Matter has painted a picture of systematic racism in police departments across the country. They’re teaching black children in the inner city not to trust the very people placed in their city to protect their lives. How many more black lives would be lost if the police just packed up and left, which some BLM advocates have suggested? There is no proof of systematic racism in any police department, and the vast majority of police officers are not racist either. I don’t deny that there are some, but it’s not a widespread problem.

But according to Black Lives Matter, it is. They are demonizing police who are properly doing their job. Then they are taking criminals such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown and turning them into martyrs. These men are remembered as victims, when in reality the police would have been victims had they not stopped the thugs.

This is the illegitimacy of Black Lives Matter. They ignore the greatest threats to black lives, choosing instead to conjure up a problem that is not there. Their lies are teaching young black men to disrespect police due to perceived bias. Then when they commit crimes and try to kill a police officer, which is completely justified in their minds because they see police as racists who want to harm them, they are killed instead. This feeds more lies.

Beyond country-wide violence, the strongest evidence against Black Lives Matter is that its foundation is built on half-truths and outright dishonesty. And it’s costing us. It’s costing us black lives. It’s costing us police lives. It’s costing us businesses and tax dollars. And it’s creating a racial divide that is pinned on whites and law enforcement.

I’ve been told that speaking this is causing the problem of racial disparity. But a problem cannot be fixed without first diagnosing it.

Black Lives Matter, I’m looking at you.

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