Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abortion- From the Students for Life of America Conference

            Today I am writing from the Students for Life National Conference in Washington, D.C. The March for Life, which every year commemorates the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States, is tomorrow. I found this would be an obvious appropriate time to address the issue of abortion.
            To those that support abortion in any capacity, let me say that I am not angry with you. There has been a methodical argument made by the left that says that it is best for women and babies alike. Those of us who are against it are, therefore, against women’s rights and don’t care about how children are raised in our country. Let me say that that is the furthest from the truth. Organizations such as National Right to Life are huge advocates for adoption, for the expressed fact that they want every child to have a good life. But they want every child to have A LIFE. The women’s rights argument is a bit more absurd. No culture except those who religiously sacrificed their children would make a claim that it is a woman’s right to kill her children.
            Please don’t misunderstand me- women are (nearly) as much victims of abortion as the babies that are killed are. Most don’t realize that they truly have a distinct human living inside of them; they go in to weigh their options at a place like Planned Parenthood, which recommends abortion about 150 times more than it does adoption. Why? Because it makes money off of abortions, not adoptions. I find it empowering for women not to be manipulated by a high-profit, yet still government-funded organization. I do not consider women’s rights (I will attempt to put this gingerly) having a vacuum, or surgical tools, or acid put up their birth canals. Women’s rights is not suffering from 14 effects of post-abortion syndrome, such as guilt, depression, reliving the abortion, and suicidal thoughts.
            Women’s rights is not roughly 600,000 baby girls (1.2 million babies total) being killed every year in the United States. It is not the targeting of females in countries like China. If you define it that way, I am sorry. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is rolling in her grave.
            I am not going to get into the science behind why fetuses are alive and are humans- there are plenty of articles on that, and overwhelming evidence behind it. Don’t ignore this for whatever various reasons- a quarter of my generation was killed before birth (or while “partially” born). No ends justify these means.
            For those who are convinced that fetuses are humans, and that abortion is wrong, let me make a charge to you. Do something with your conviction! Everything stays the same unless an effort is made to change it. Things are not altered in the world because they are not acted upon. Nothing starts or stops on its own. You say, a ball stops rolling on its own. No, it is acted upon by friction. Nothing changes without being acted upon. The way things are right now, abortion is legal in our country. There are some more conservative states that have limited it, but they can only do so much due to federal law.
            If you believe abortion is wrong, do something about it! Educate others, write about it, speak up, get involved in organizations, write your representatives about bills. Don’t sit by passively and let others do the work. I know well we all can’t do everything, and certainly can’t work every job. But something that so negatively affects our society cannot be ignored. It could have been you, it could have been me. I don’t want it to be any more. Let’s all work together, all contribute, and we can make that come to fruition.

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