Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jude 4e,f; II Pet. 2:1d

The next thing these certain, ungodly men are guilty of is the most serious if all. In fact, this is why it is so easy for them to be guilty of everything and anything else. These ungodly men are guilty of "denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ". Several things can be lifted out of this careful wording. First, it is denial. Denial brings with it an element of choice. No one is forced to deny something. Yes, one can be threatened, but it is a personal choice, and each person must make it for themselves. These certain men, in the face of a Holy God, choose to deny Him. Second, note the word "only". As if it is not made clear in the rest of scripture, God is the only true God. He proves it in battles, He proves it in leading, and He says it over and over. Not just other gods should not go before Him, but NOTHING should. Third, take notice to that three letter word, "our". This shows a contrast. While "our" Lord is Jesus Christ, these certain men's lord is not. The parallel passage in II Peter 2 brings more clarity. In verse one it states that these false teachers are "even denying the Lord that bought them". This is not, one would take it, saying that they are believers, since one who denies Christ cannot be a believer. Rather it is saying that Jesus's blood can cover all men, even these ungodly men. Yet they, aware of this, choose to creep into churches and deceive rather than receive Christ's gift. By denying Christ and God, sowing sin is only a natural response. It is clear by this why their destruction is so clearly marked. Yet, knowing that Christ came for all and came for sinners, we must attempt to win them while not being deceived ourselves.

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