Monday, January 13, 2014

Jude 3c,d

Jude goes on to say that in order for him to write of this common salvation, he had to "exhort (urge, advise with a sense of urgency) you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith". Jude says this faith "was once delivered into the saints", but must be preserved. This is Jude's very purpose for writing. Because of the dangers and false Christians around them, it makes it all the more important that their faith must be preserved at all costs. "If one generations refuses to contend, the link is broken...Our faith was one delivered, but must be contended for in each generation." -Clarence Sexton. This faith does not change, but man can change. This goes beyond simply holding convictions, though it must begin by knowing doctrine. It must involve boldness, standing in unity and likemindedness with other believers (Phil. 1:27), and being willing to lay down even our lives to preserve our faith. It involves answering the question, "How much is Christ worth to you?" Just look through the Bible and throughout history at all the people who have contended for the faith at great cost and/or with only God on their side. With this great cloud of witnesses, you have further motivation besides the glory of God and the preservation of the true gospel. To see what it takes to gain the boldness to live in this manner, simply look at the lives of these people and read Proverbs 28:1. They lived righteous lives through a fear of God (Job 9). God was so real to them that He was their only goal.

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