Friday, January 3, 2014

Jude 1e

Jude's final listing of those he is writing to are those who are "called". This goes along with the sanctification and preservation, meaning this calling is with salvation. More than that though, it IS salvation. New Testament writers often refer to the saved as "the called" or "the elect" (Rom. 1:7, 8:28-30). In Romans 8, as well as Ephesians 1, it refers to Christians being predestined. Those being "called", as well as predestined, is not a Calvinistic approach, but rather is an explanatory word for those that have accepted Christ. It is of our own free will to be saved, but an omnipotent God knows who will be saved. He has therefore predestined us to serve Him with a specific purpose. And He has called us to His family, through His Son, into the image of His Son. Therefore, Jude's letter is meant for the "called", those saved into the church. Some scripture can be used to point the lost to Christ- but Jude (as well as II Peter 2) is seldom that. Rather it is used to provoke the Christian to action, for there is a spiritual war to be fought.

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